Thursday, March 6, 2014

Kitchen Remodel- Day 1

Our kitchen remodel started today. First some pictures.

Last night our kitchen looked like this:

This evening it looked like this: 

This is less complete than expected. They were hoping to put in the new back door today, instead of patching it with a large sheet of plywood, but found that the addition was poorly constructed such that the wall would be structurally unsound if they put in a door as-is. Among other problems, the joists are too small and the plumbing for the radiator is in the way of fixing it, so they need to bring a plumber in to deal with that before they can finish that wall.  

Correcting the problems will probably extend the project an extra week and will increase the cost above the original estimate. We aren't particularly surprised. We weren't sure what the nature of the problems would be, but knew this project would probably run into unexpected difficulties that would increase the cost and/or time. 

On a positive note, the wood floor that was under the tile is salvageable (where it exists -no wood floor in the addition), so it will match the floor in the rest of the house. 

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