Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Kitchen Remodel - Before

After a break from large, blog-worthy home improvement tasks, we're preparing to have our kitchen remodeled in the early spring. I thought I would post a series of before pictures now as well as the plans for the new kitchen. Some of these pictures are from before we moved in (you can tell by the wall color, we tore the wallpaper down and painted it blue immediately after moving).

Current kitchen

Current kitchen

Current powder room

Current back door

Current floorplan 

We're keeping the appliances, but getting rid of everything else. We'll have new floors, new cabinets, new counters, and a new layout. We're having them move doors around to give us a galley-style kitchen with a larger powder room and French doors leading out to the back deck. We're trying to keep an older style appropriate to our 1920s-era house, so will have white painted cabinets, dark soapstone counters, and wood flooring.

New floorplan

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