Sunday, March 16, 2014

Kitchen remodel - week 2

The kitchen remodel was delayed on Friday of last week and Monday of this week by lack of plumber (until they pulled up the floor they didn't know they needed one this early until they discovered the radiator pipes were in the way), but they seemed to be trying to make up time by working long days and on Saturday.

The back wall is now framed, but not yet finished and the former back door has been walled over. Here are
a couple pictures of the wall and former door from the back deck:

You can see where the new door is framed. I assume it will be installed next week.

They replaced all of the joists in the addition with correctly sized joists. And now I believe they are putting the subfloor in. With insulation this time (something that was notably lacking in that part of the kitchen previously.)

Hopefully the pictures will show more progress this week, rather than more construction zone. As long as the snow doesn't slow things down too much.

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