Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I know I have not posted in a while. Between travelling and visitors and simply being busy this blog has fallen by the wayside. And this post isn't going to consist of much, because I still am busy. But some things that have happened with the house and yard that I have not yet reported:

  • I dug up the front lawn (with my husband's help). Will be turning it into an herb garden this spring
  • Both of our bathrooms seem to have leaks. I seem to have stopped the dripping from the attic bathroom by caulking it all over the place (including places that need new grout), but now the one on the second story seems to be leaving water stains on our first floor ceiling
  • I got a chipper-shredder for Christmas, because my husband is awesome, and just got it going last weekend. Turning all of our old twigs, and our Christmas tree, into mulch
  • We desperately need to insulate our house better. When it gets cold, air streams in around the windows and doors. And the floor of the kitchen where there is no basement underneath gets ridiculously cold, making the whole kitchen cold.
  • The radiators work very well. In the summer we thought we would get rid of the radiators and use forced air for both air conditioning and heat, since the radiators are ugly. Now you couldn't convince us to get rid of them if you tried.
  • The pizza oven is pretty awesome, even though my husband is still getting the trick of cooking in it. We have some ribs cooking in it as we speak.
That's what I can think of right now. I'll probably add to the list throughout the next couple days as I think of more things.

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