Tuesday, February 19, 2013

This Weekend's Activity: Archaeology

So, apparently we had enough separation from the last de-wallpapering task, and decided to tackle the guest bedroom this weekend. This was a joint decision this time, not one made unilaterally by one or the other of us. We didn't expect it to necessarily be an easy task, but as with all of the other rooms, it will be more work than we had optimistically hoped for. I'll show why in pictures.
Uh oh. First sign of trouble:

There were multiple layers of wallpaper. Not all that surprising. But there were more than two or three. We finally found the wall and tried to figure out how many layers there were (thus the archaeology). I got pictures of them. The top layer is one. Then we have






The progress on the room so far has been mostly limited to making it into a total disaster (but we are making progress and finding areas of drywall). We have a deadline of the last week in March to finish it, since my in-laws are coming to stay. Hopefully that won't be too pressing a deadline.


  1. Wow. That's quite something. Which one is in the closet?

  2. None of those, actually. So either there is an eighth layer as well or they put something different in the closet.