Monday, July 30, 2012


I made a quick timeline so I can remember what we did when so that I can write more about it when I get a chance. This gives a bit of a sense of how much work we've been doing.  I apologize for the tense changes.

Tuesday 7/10 Move in. Get air conditioner working, build beds, get drenched in rain, find flooded basement, build Ikea furniture (Including couch in middle of night due to broken guest room AC)
Wednesday 7/11 Unload cube, Home Depot run, Strip kitchen wallpaper
Thursday 7/12 Rock Creek Park hike, More stripping wallpaper
Friday 7/13 More stripping wallpaper, prep kitchen walls
Saturday 7/14 National Mall visit, Paint kitchen walls, built dresser
Sunday 7/15 Farmer's Market, small additional fixes: under sink, outlets, basement lights. Slave labor (aka my in-laws) goes home, unpack kitchen
Monday 7/16 Built desk, unpack bedroom
Tuesday 7/17 Paint kitchen trim
Wednesday 7/18 Prep dining and living room walls
Thursday 7/19 Paint daughter's room, Prime dining room
Friday 7/20 Prime living room
Saturday 7/21 Paint dining and living room
Sunday 7/22 Prep entry, Flat tire, shopping
Monday 7/23 Paint entry, Dinner at friends', Cut finger on walk home
Tuesday 7/24 Clean up house, broken garbage disposal
Wednesday 7/25 Mom visits
Thursday 7/26 Visit zoo. Buy paints, decorations for daughter's room. Start putting up wall decorations
Friday 7/27 Stencil daughter's room. Shop for new cabinets
Saturday 7/28 Attempt to find curtains for living & dining room
Sunday 7/29 Husband sands bedroom door to convince it to close. Otherwise we relax
Monday 7/30 Husband starts job, I am part time housewife, part time researcher until my job starts.

Work on the house will now be a weekly activity (mostly on weekend), rather than a daily one. But 20 days in, the house is livable, I've recovered from the work and am glad we got so much done. And I will definitely do some longer posts on a couple of these, because they make for interesting stories and/or I have pictures.


  1. Great round-up of everything you've done so far. Sorry you cut your finger and you had a flat tire! But nice you had dinner with friends. Can't wait to see your improvements when I visit next.

  2. I thought of one addition--dinner on 7/14 at the ping pong pizza place.