Friday, July 27, 2012

The Kitchen

While I read my daughter her bedtime story Wednesday evening, my husband and mother in law started pulling at the wallpaper in the kitchen. They found parts of it were so old they were essentially falling off the walls, so it came off in big swaths.Wow, this was going to be easy. Not.

Where the wallpaper didn't come off in big swaths, it clung to the wall in stubborn little shreds. And sometimes it took bits of the wall with it. Here's a picture of the corner of the room:

My father in law repaired it to the best of his abilities with some drywall compound, but warned us that we will need to set some money aside to have it replaced sometime soon-ish. It was quite badly damaged, especially in the far corner, where there were signs of water damage.

Several days later (including a couple late nights), the walls were finally de-wallpapered and prepped for painting. Compared with the wallpaper removal, the painting went relatively smoothly. My husband and I manned the paintbrush and roller, respectively. There was a lot of brushwork in the kitchen, relative to a room without cupboards and stoves and such. We wished we had a second brush. But we finished eventually. And my husband painted the trim on his own a couple days later. Now our kitchen has a fresh, clean coat of paint and we are starting to think about how we want to update the cupboards and counters.

Kitchen Before:

Kitchen After:

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