Monday, April 28, 2014

Promised Pictures

I think I've been delaying posting pictures in hopes that I would be able to post finished pictures if I just waited a couple of days. No such luck. We are still missing cupboard doors and backsplash, along with a handful of other things.


No doors, but some of our stuff moved in. And appliances!

Our new faucet and sink

From the other direction

So far we have made chicken picatta, pasta, coffee cake, strawberry jam, chocolate cake, and beef stroganoff in the new kitchen. The first two of those were done without a sink or dishwasher. The stove, microwave and refrigerator were installed earlier in the week, but the sink and dishwasher were not installed until Saturday. When the foreman and worker left on Saturday afternoon I immediately filled the dishwasher and started to run it. Then I went down into the basement to get a load a laundry when I heard the sound of rushing water. Water was flowing from the dishwasher into the cupboard under the sink and then down into the basement. There was water all over the cupboard and the kitchen floor. I mopped it all up with bath towels then we called the foreman back. He found that a valve had broken on the dishwasher. He fixed it up for us and it works just fine now.

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