Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Another setback

So, take a look at this picture of the cupboards again:

And my description from my blog post back in January of our plan for the kitchen: "We're trying to keep an older style appropriate to our 1920s-era house, so will have white painted cabinets, dark soapstone counters, and wood flooring."

Maybe you'll note that something is wrong here. We were so thrilled with having cupboards last night, we convinced ourselves that they had been delivered unfinished and would be painted later. No. The cupboards are finished. They look nice, but really aren't what we want. Our contractor came in person to talk to us about them. He's going to order new doors and they are going to sand and paint the cupboards themselves. We will be able to move back into the kitchen while we wait for the doors to arrive.

It's going to cost him, but Adem will make it right. And that's a sign of a good contractor. Not that nothing goes wrong, cause sometimes things just do, but that you can have every confidence that things will be made right if and when they do go wrong.

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  1. Too bad they're the wrong color, but great that your contractor stands behind his work.