Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall Planting

I ordered some plants yesterday evening. They will be here sometime this week while I scramble to finish up the garden beds for them. I have three different types of blueberry plants coming and some hardy kiwis. I think the blueberries will do very well. They thrive on the same type of soil that roses like, and I have some roses on this property that I think have lasted decades with little care.

But I'm suddenly afraid of the kiwis. I read this post as I was trying to figure out how to add additional support for the kiwis I'm planning on planting out front: Great, as if I didn't have enough problems with agressive vines, with the English ivy, Japanese honeysuckle, and the rest of the vines that seem to pop up everywhere around here. At least this one will grow tasty kiwi berries... I hope. And if it doesn't, I'll hack it back with the rest of the misbehaving vines.

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  1. Reminds me of the way wisteria takes over. No fruit on wisteria, though, just pretty flowers.