Saturday, October 20, 2012

Blueberries and Kiwis

I received the plants I ordered on Wednesday and hurried to get them into the ground before dinner, since we were headed to dance after dinner. The blueberries look good, but I was surprised at how small and pathetic the kiwis were. They don't look intimidating at all. In fact, I kind of doubt they will last the winter. But everything is in the ground and mulched well. I covered the main bed with some decorative bark to make it look more complete. I'm planning on adding a retaining wall sometime soonish, but haven't done that yet. Here are some pictures:

The front planter bed. I swear there are plants in there.

Here's one. A lovely little blueberry plant with its fall colors

And here's one pathetic kiwi

And another pathetic kiwi (I didn't quite have the side bed ready, but ready enough)

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