Monday, April 29, 2013

Work Weekend

My parents came for the weekend and we got a bunch of work done in the garden.

  • We bought herbs to fill in my front planter beds and I distributed a bunch of additional herb seeds throughout the beds
Completed front beds- prior to additional plants

With most of the herb plants.

And another angle

Oregano and purple basil

A cilantro in the middle. Some lettuce seedlings and a tea plant in the right corner.

A trio of sages and two thyme plants

  • My parents turned the soil in the back to make room for tomatoes and peppers in the backyard veggie garden.
The wonderful tomato towers my husband built for me

Cherry tomato plants

A close up 

Slicing/cooking tomatoes

  • We dug out one of the planter beds that pre-existed us and was full of ivy when we moved in and planted watermelons.

  • We were halfway through digging out the second planter bed of them when a rain shower drove us inside. We'll finish that next weekend and plant squash and pumpkins there.

  • My dad decided he was part monkey and both cut off some of the dead dogwood branches and removed much of the dead ivy that was still wrapped around the branches
The dogwood tree last summer
And in the fall after I killed the ivy
And now

  • We hung our bat box
  • My mom pulled out more of the ivy near the back fence and tried to make the fence look a little more presentable.
  • We built a simple fence for cucumbers to grow on and planted cucumber seeds

I am very excited to have a veggie garden again. I had a veggie garden throughout my childhood, but have been living in apartments and other rentals for the last 8 years. I tried to grow in pots, but the results were mediocre.

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