Monday, March 11, 2013

It's Springtime!

It's Springtime, as my toddler happily announced (repeatedly) as we came home from the playground on Saturday. In addition to more playground time, springtime seems to mean her mommy and daddy exhaust themselves working in the yard. Some of the things we worked on this weekend:

  • I trimmed the ivy along the driveway

    Before/During                                   After    

    • Chipped all the clippings from the rosebush I trimmed a week or two ago (pictures of rosebush, not chipped bits, which are less interesting) 

                         Before                                                              After 

    • And mostly finished digging up the front yard (the subject of my next post).

    My husband built his cement mixer and with its hindrance made a nice little cement patio in front of his wood-fired oven:

    In the meantime, we had some guys come in and put up a skim coat of drywall mud on our guest bedroom. Now it's all ready to sand and paint. It's going to look very nice. They did a great job with the drywall. Our regular handyman, Fat Guy With A Hammer, brought them in when he decided the job was too big for him.


    1. Nice work in the garden! Is Ryan making those pavers himself?

    2. He has one of these: